416T Peanut

6N Peppi Polly

19S Chanel

2N GF Paulette

8L Tanna

81M Tazz

9U Lacy

732K Miracle

46M Jessica Hawkeye

710N Speckles

38K Gran Princelle

129K Goldeneye

2S Doodle Bug

277L Porsche

20R Ember

3P Prissy’s Pearl

921P Speckle’s Emma

55N Tahoe’s Caddie


230M My Sweet Dream

136N Dream Rose
4M Panache’s Prissy
43M Eikon’s Melody

73M Miss Maggie Mae

11N Kaboom

75M Shazam

57G Allison



73P Miss Ellie Mae


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Texas Circle P Ranch, LLC
Circle P Pinzgauers

Ken, Kim, and Melissa Dawnn Paul
2586 CR 232
Rockdale, TX

Home Phone: 512-446-4141
Ken Cell: 281-543-2411